14 March 2013

Fly Girls Bessie Coleman Chapter Recognized by Denver Mayor Hancock

Jacqueline Withers and her students stand in front
of a mural they painted at The Excel Institute
It has been awhile, and I'm still working on getting more interviews for your listening pleasure. Don't count me out yet. In the works now is an interview with the founder of the Fly Girls Bessie Coleman Chapter in Denver, Jacqueline Withers. Her commitment and unfathomable drive to inspire and support young women in all aspects of life through the use of aviation is just awe inspiring. So much so, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has proclaimed March 23, 2013 as "Fly Girls Bessie Coleman Chapter Day."  
 The following is an excerpt from her blog at Take Flight Leadership Aviation.

"A wonderful organization called Fly Girls Bessie Coleman is teaching young adults how to fly and achieve their dreams in aviation. Founder Jacqueline Withers along with an esteem list of volunteers and sponsors, assist the teenagers in achieving their dreams.
The vision started for Ms. Jacqueline Withers, who is from Chicago, and is the director of Take Flight Leadership, with her painting murals of the Tuskegee Airmen and she wanted to expound on that vision to include children of all races in helping them live out their dreams and expectations. 
Through this journey, the Fly Girls have already visited Chicago and Las Vegas just to name a few of the places they have been. The Fly Girls have also won scholarships that have taken them to Alabama, Wisconsin, and Dallas. The Fly Girls are also authors, with self-publishing their first book, which can be found on www.blurb.com."
Click on image for full size view.
If you are going to be in the Denver area on March 23, 2013, you are invited to attend the proclamation. Boys and girls ages 8-17 are eligible to register for the program. Current participants will be there to answer questions and impress. On a personal note, I first came across Jacqueline a year ago, when I saw her girls at a friends graduation. They were impressive from the instant I saw them. Confident, courteous, helpful, driven and full of self awareness. There was no mistaking the girls were destined to change the world. I highly recommend everyone who has ever wanted to inspire a child to greatness, follow Jacqueline. She's has the magic and it's working.

Stay tuned for the coming interview.

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