This is by no means an exhaustive list. It will grow and metamorph as time goes on. It is just a beginning.

Shared Mission Organizations

Aviation Podcasts

  • Airplane Geeks ~ The ultimate in silliness, information and fun. Awesome guys.
  • Airspeed ~ Follow the amazing adventures of Stephen Force (AKA Steve Tupper) as he lives the dream
  • Desert Pilot Podcast ~ A great guy sharing flight from Arizona
  • Flight Time Radio Show ~ Straight out of Florida
  • In The Patten ~ Student pilots share their journey to the Private Pilot's Certificate...and beyond. A personal fave.
  • Mile High Flyers ~ Things are different when you take off from 5280'. This is the podcast that gave me my start.
  • Pilot's Flight PodLog ~ Great hangar flying as the guys share stories from pilots of all aircraft
  • Pilotcast ~ Definitely a fun mental trip. The podcast by pilots for pilots.
  • Plane Crazy Down Under ~ The Boys from Down Under take on all thing aviation in Australia and the Pacific. A personal fave.
  • Student Pilot Flight Podlog ~ The log for anyone wanting to learn to fly. Amazing lessons.
  • Student Pilot Journal ~ Fun Video blog of learning to fly and more
  • The New Pilot Podblog ~ General Aviation from a New Pilot's POV. A personal fave.
  • The Stuck Mic AvCast ~ Lot's of product info and current happenings in the Aviation world. Good fun.
  • Uncontrolled Airspace ~ Highly knowledgeable guys sharing stories, news and personal anecdotes of flying General Aviation. A personal fave.