03 May 2012

It's Intermission...

Thank you to our listeners who have been sending emails, messages and other inquiries. We offer our most humble apologies. The BoXX Office is not gone. We are only in Intermission while our host finishes up her classes for this Spring Semester. Her studies have been  particularly demanding and as such, she focused on completing her education load.

The guest list for the next couple episodes has been building and soon final requests and confirmations will be going out. Once this semester has ended and all finals are completed, rest assured, The BoXX Office will be back in production. Keep sending in those suggestions and requests for guests. They are much appreciated.

For now, our Facebook page is still continuing the tradition of "This Day in Women's Aviation and Aerospace History" notations. If you know of something we are missing, PLEASE share. We are here for you.

Once again, we thank all our listeners and supporters for the many inquiries and guest suggestions. We've heard them all and will begin making requests very shortly.

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