23 December 2011

Episode 004 - Legends and Descendents

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Amelia Rose Earhart
Monday, December 26, 2011, Amelia Rose Earhart, private pilot, news reporter at 9News in Denver, photographer and a meteorology student at Mississippi State University, will retrace historical 1937 North American voyage of the famed aviator. With her new Instrument Rating, she will be flying a Cirrus SR22, with her Flight instructor John Post of Independence Aviation. Amelia has captured many hearts and fans with her indomitable spirit. To allow people to come and enjoy the journey, she will be maintaining a blog to document the flight.

Fly with Amelia Earhart 

Flight plan is as follows:
Dec 26th: Denver to Oakland
Dec 27th: Oakland to Burbank
Dec 28th: Burbank to Tucson, Tucson to Austin
Dec 29th: Austin to New Orleans, New Orleans to Miami

Amelia is on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter @amelia__earhart

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Excerpt of Phenomenal Woman. Angelou, M. (1995), Phenomenal Woman, Random House

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