10 November 2011

Episode 003 - Aviation and Beyond

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USAF Capt. Michelle Ruehl on an F-18
Photo courtesy of Michelle Ruehl
Michelle Ruehl, a Michigan native, took after her grandfather from a very young age. Consuming books of airplanes her passion for aviation was evident. With the foresight of a man who can see the future, Michelle’s grandfather set her feet on the path, and she’s never looked back. When her friends went to regular universities, Michelle began her aviation career at the Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs. 

Using the skills the Air Force instilled in her, combined with her own enjoyment of aviation, Michelle forged a path that took her around the world and in several different cockpits. She tells how she got into aviation and what the spark that fired her competitive nature was. 

Working with orphans in Tanzania Photo courtesy of Michelle Ruehl
Michelle at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro Photo courtesy of Michelle Ruehl
Her story circumnavigates the world and expands not only outside the cockpit, but also beyond the bounds of aviation. For her, aviation is both a passion and a vehicle to explore the many opportunities in the world to give back and teach. In this episode she shares her story which includes extra-aviation activities in Ghana, Tibet and her work with Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center. In a sense her career has come full circle, but like any true circle, there is no end. For Michelle, her story is continuing and has also just begun.

Michelle and Zyola in simulated flight.

BoXX Office Recommendations

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Stuart Stevenson (PilotStu) of the Aviation Media Network
Listeners Mikel Fitterman, Steve Finkelman, Braham Sacks

Excerpt of Phenomenal Woman. Angelou, M. (1995), Phenomenal Woman, Random House

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