06 October 2011

Episode 002 - A Voice For Success

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Photo courtesy of Stephanie Rust
Stephanie Rust was born and raised in Southern California, and moved to Colorado five years ago to accept a job at Denver Center as an Air Traffic Control Specialist (ARTCC/ZDV Area 2). Her job is to make sure pilots get home. And yes, that means she’s sent the Sheriff to knock on doors in the middle of the night to make sure a flight plan that wasn’t closed has a “happy ending.”

“I always loved aviation, and even as a child, I preferred watching airplanes or reading about airplanes instead of doing things like playing house. I wouldn't call myself a tomboy, but I have never been a super girly girl, either.”

As a high school graduation present her father paid for her to earn her private pilot’s certificate at a Part 141 flight school at KSNA (John Wayne - Orange County airport in Santa Ana, CA). The experience has given her a better understanding of her job today. However, her path to Air Traffic Controller was not direct including working at an animal shelter.

Originally known as "Smith & Wesson" her
call sign is now "Rusty."
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Rust
Just like pilots earn “call signs” bestowed on them by colleagues, Stephanie is on her second. Originally she known as “Smith and Wesson” but now goes by “Rusty.”

Currently, she lives in Northern Colorado with her husband, three cats and an outdoor pond full of koi and goldfish. She loves all kinds of travel, and has a dream of taking an Antarctic cruise. For fun, she is an amateur photographer, glass artist and mosaic maker. She admits to being in a codependent relationship with caffeine; however she is a low-carb girl who loves her bacon. With the switch to low carbs she’s also lost 90 pounds in the last two years.
“That person you see in oversized sunglasses driving a black-on-black BMW...and you think "how obnoxious is SHE?"...then you hear me listening to Armenian dance music or singing along to Maroon 5. Or Aerosmith. Or Justin Timberlake...and you decide that I am strange, but I might be all right :)”

In this episode Stephanie, discusses her interest in aviation, what led her to the position of Air Traffic Controller, her thoughts on LiveATC and NextGen as well as the the many pluses of her job.

Stephanie Rust can be found on Twitter as RustySunshine

Zyola Mix and Stephanie Rust in the World Indoor Airport
at Metropolitan State College of Denver ~ 9/26/2011

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