The Story

The podcast was conceived on a late summer afternoon during "Happy Hour" at The Perfect Landing Restaurant located at Centennial Airport (KAPA) in Colorado. Watching general aviation and commercial aircraft follow open air ramp vehicles to various transient parking spots along the ramp, the occasional woman would come running up to kick chocks into place, roll stretchers of patients to waiting aircraft, or complete walkaround's before sauntering into the Jet Center from her own personal aircraft. Recognizing the stories of these women must be incredible for them to walk with heads unbowed and brilliant smiles, it was lamented how unfortunate the stories of such "plane Jane's" would remain unshared. How many of these women could inspire more women to pursue the many roles within aviation if their stories were told? More than pilots make up this amazing field.

A tiny spark began to glow. Over the course of several more "Happy Hour" meetings, discussion turned to the various roles women play in aviation and how many young girls and grown women don't know there is more to aviation than flying. Brainstorming began with Air Traffic Control, meteorologists, Aviation Medical Examiners, and progressed to designers, historians, economists, school secretaries, and the list kept growing.

Soon a full idea was formed. A new storytelling outlet needed to be created in a form that would fit easily into a woman's lifestyle, provide a forum to share these untold stories and kindle new thoughts and ideas. A new aviation podcast was born.

As with all new ventures, a name is needed to give the idea solidity. After another brainstorming session, "The BoXX Office" was the undeniable choice. "The Box Office" speaks to the power of women in aviation. It is a play on the term "cockpit" and used in both military and civilian terminology to represent the rare flights when women comprise the entirety of the flight crew. The extra "X" included in the name of "The BoXX Office" is a genetic reference to the two X-chromosomes of womankind.

Welcome aboard.